Presence of the E-Commerce Giants Amazon in the Stock Market

E-Commerce has been around for a long time now, especially in the recent times where most of the work is now done online with the help of internet and a computer. One of the top e-commerce companies of the last few decades has been Amazon, they mainly specializing in the distribution of consumer products all over the world. With a market capitalization of $438 million, the company is looking continuously to grow and grow each year after year.

Recently, in the early days of 2020, Amazon became one of the only few companies to reach a total of $1 trillion market cap on wall street, the other companies being Apple, Google and Microsoft. This has also contributed to Amazon becoming the 3rd largest company of the Big Five in the last 21 years or so.

Now obviously, seeing all the success in the market, Amazon was sure to attract some traders and investors. The company is listed on Nasdaq and has been selling internationally while continuing to diversify the activities. Traders and Investors from all over the world are now interested in buying amazon stock

Founded by Jeff Bezos (Former CEO of Amazon) in the year of 1994, the American company specializes in the sales of various different varieties of products including electronics, cultural goods, furniture and clothing. Watching the success of this sector, Amazon Prime, Launchpad, Second Chance and Amazon Business were some other products and services which were made public to the customer base.

With the help of Amazon MarketPlace, common people like you and me can also easily sell our own products. This has allowed people from all over the world to communicate and do business with each other.

Additionally, the American Company, Amazon has also launched Kindle which is an electronic reading device that allows users to download online books and magazines.

With over 250 million products listed on Amazon’s websites, it is one of the most used e-commerce websites on the internet. This helps the company remain one of the best long-term stock market investments with guaranteed pay back for the investors and traders.

The question regarding whether or not you should invest in Amazon mainly depends on the share prices and their market reputation. Thankfully, Amazon stock is one of the most sought-after investments for traders and investors today in the stock market. A few factors that have contributed behind its success include the Amazon’s international e-commerce legacy, the wide variety of products, their services and the Kindle brand which still have many growth opportunities for the coming years, the cherry on top being the loyalty tool, that is, Amazon Prime that has been in use by people all around the globe for entertainment purposes.

Besides the problems that the company is facing regarding patent infringements and the increasing competition in the e-commerce sector of the market, Amazon’s share price has progressed steeply over the past few years, analyzing and proper research of the stocks is still advised.

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